Intel’s Haswell-E 8-Core Processors

The increased demand for more powerful computing is always there, we are always power hungry that even the latest releases of computer components are easily getting outdated. However, the newest generation of Intel’s processors offers greater number of cores and clock speed. Some even dubbed it as the faster CPU ever, well, if you’re going to look back but it will definitely become a laugh stock ten years from now. But taking into consideration the latest games, software and standards, the Intel’s Haswell-E processors offers powerful computing power, which could satisfy our current needs for computing power.

Intel’s Extreme Edition processor line is over 10 years old now, they’ve been around since 2003 with the single-core Pentium 4 EE 3.4GHz, which had the same Socket 478 stage as standard Pentium 4 processors yet got a select L3 reserve. Having been involved 169 million transistors on the 130nm process and estimated in accordance with what it may have amounted to assemble a whole PC; the Pentium 4 EE was not kidding business.

The chip that we are looking at comes with a massive eight cores. It also comes with massive 20MB smart cache and it supports the latest DDR4 memory. This latest processor from Intel’s extreme edition package is also accompanied by the new 9-series chipset, the X99 and it supports more SATA 6 GB/s ports. It also brings native support for USB 3.0.

There are three new processors, namely Core i7-5820K, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5960X. Pricing starts at $389 for the 5820K, while the Core i7-5930K costs greater at $583 mark. You might say that the price increase of around 50% is unjustified, but if you take a look closer, the available PCI 3.0 lanes are increased from 24 to 40 lanes. Thus, unless you require more than 28 lanes, for example, a multi GPU setup, cheaper Core i7-5820K is going to be a better buy than the 5930K.

The extreme edition version Core i7-5960X offers a significant 33% upgrade of 20MB cache. And the core count from six to eight and the aid of Hyper threading technology means a massive 16 threads are supported. However, though it has the most number of cores, tagged at $1,050, the Intel Core i7-5960X comes with the lowest base clock speed of only 3.0 GHz, with a max turbo of 3.5GHz. The TDP for the Haswell-E processors are rated 140w.

One of the most important thing to note when getting your own Haswell processor is that they do not come with any cooling system. Liquid cooling is the one recommended by Intel and their own TS13X solution costs around $100.

Another thing is the new socket, which was called as LGA2011-v3 socket. That also means that older processors cannot be used on the new X99 motherboards and the Haswell-E processors can’t be used on older X79 motherboards.