About Us

Hello and welcome to PC World Today! This website aims to bring excellent information about the current trends, news and events that takes place in the world of computers. We are a dedicated team of computer experts who wants to spread our knowledge and passion about computers in general. On this about page, we are going to tackle things about the website, contents and purpose.

PC World Today was created as an effort to provide the latest news and information in the world of personal computers as well as laptops. We will provide tips about troubleshooting your computers so that you can fix simple problems on your own. In addition to that, we will also create guides on choosing the best software to go with your PC and your purpose.

Of course, when PC is being tackled, PC games and gaming rigs should never be left behind. Therefore, we will also create posts about PC gaming such as the latest trends in the world of graphics cards, best PC gaming builds and more. We will also help you build your own computers to maximize your budget for the best performance at the lowest cost. In contrary, if you have the budget, we will help you choose the best and most powerful parts to make the most of your PC gaming.

In addition to all of those things, we’ll also create news that is more technical and information about computers such as CPUs, motherboards, graphics card and more. We will also discuss the future of computing and brainstorm what our world will be in the future.